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Sorry about the lack of activity, I don’t have that much time now that September is here. I work and I start another year of college very very soon. I have two more reviews planned. I ordered some lipsticks from Twisted Tales cosmetics and a couple of things from Tarte and I’m waiting for them to arrive so that I can review them and create more content for you guys! 🙂 I do put my heart into this (and my wallet also lol)

Today I felt like talking about LUSH cosmetics. I have tried some of their stuff for 2 months and I wanted to give you guys my honest opinion about them.

All I’ve heard from LUSH are good things, so I said ‘well, it’s about time I test them out’ and I went to the nearest LUSH to grab a few things. I had checked some of their stuff in their website before going to their store. They were all about the natural ingredients, no excessive packaging, helping minorities and so on.

The people in the store were absolutely adorable, they told me everything about their products and they even tested some of them on me.

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First thing I grabbed was ‘Seanik’ solid shampoo. It was recommended for oily roots. It claims that it will give you volume, shine and strength. It has seaweed, lemon and sea salt as its main ingredients.
When I first used it, I noticed that my hair felt “crunchy”. I don’t know how else to explain it, it just felt like it was all stuck together and it was hardened, like when you get ice cream in your hair and then you forget it was there and it goes hard and stuck together.
I said ‘well, must be because my hair is used to shampoo with silicone and that stuff’. But the “crunchy” feeling stays there even two months after using Seanik 3 times a week. I also noticed that it kinda rips the dye out of my hair.
I mean, I love how my hair looks and feels once it’s dry, it gives it a lot of volume, shine and it feels so clean, but I don’t know if this shampoo bar is the right one for me.

It’s blue and has seaweed in it and it retails for 8,95€. It lasts for 2 months, but I guess it depends on how often you wash your hair.

Another thing I got from LUSH was ‘Buffy’ body butter. This is one of my favourites. It’s a body butter that you can use in the shower. I use it as a last step, before rinsing. Its main ingredients are ground almonds, lavender oil, cocoa butter and lemon oil.
It rips the dead skin out of your body and it also moisturizes your skin, leaving it looking hydrated. I love to use it all over my legs and my butt. Seriously, it works wonders. I highly recommend it if you have dry skin and/or pimples and impurities on your bum. It’s a little bit oily until it’s fully absorbed though.
It smells a lot like almonds so, if you don’t like that smell, you won’t like Buffy.
I can’t recommend this product enough, seriously. The 200g block retails for 16,95€ and you need the tin can because this one will kinda melt if you leave it near hot water or if it’s summer and you leave it in a hot room.

I also got Think Pink bath bomb. It’s one of the latest products for the summer, but it’s not exactly new. It’s the revamped version of an old bath bomb. The smell is so sweet, like vanilla and it has glitter, which will kinda stay in your tub if you don’t rinse it out after you’ve used this bath bomb. The smell kinda dissapears when you use it, at least in my case it did. What I liked most about this one was that it turned the water pink and the glitter was floating all over it and it calmed me. What I didn’t like was that it consumed way too quickly and it left my skin really dry, I guess it was because it has bicarbonate as one of its main ingredients. If you like pink and glitter, I would say that this one is for you.
It retails for 5,95€.

This one doesn’t appear in the picture but I also got a massage bar. Specifically, I got Pearl massage bar. It smells so so so good and it’s really calming and moisturizing. But I don’t like that the pink pearls that it has on top kinda fall apart and then the whole thing breaks in half. It has argan oil, shea butter and rose absolute as its main ingredients. It’s really calming and moisturizing. You have to rub it in your hands and then work it all over your body.
I recommend massage bars because it’s kind of a spa experience but at home! But if you get one, try Tender is the night or Shades of earl grey, because it’s kind of annoying that the pink pears fall out of the massage bar. I would also suggest that you get the oval tin because these will melt if you leave them out in a hot room or in the bathroom under the shower head.
It retails for 9,95€.

I also got one of their fresh masks. My skin is oily in the T zone and somewhat dry on the perimeter of my face. I also need to exfoliate because my pores are huge and I tend to get a lot of blackheads and clogged pores in my nose and cheeks. They recommended me Mask of Magnaminty. It’s green, it has adzuki beans as the exfoliator and also has peppermint oil which is really stimulating and will cause an improvement in the blood circulation of your face. It also has honey as a moisturizing agent so that is not too drying.
All in all, I think the formula is awesome. I get instant results when I use it, my face looks cleaner, brighter and some of my blackheads dissappear. I got the self-preserving one so I don’t need to put it in the fridge, but I do it anyways because it enhances the cooling sensation of the peppermint oil.
I got the 125g jar which retails for 6,95€. It lasts a really long time, you get many many uses out of it.

I got a surprise gift from the people in the shop and I was jumping and singing on my way home. They included Rose Jam bubble bar. It’s a pink and glittery bubble bar in the shape of a macaroon, which honestly is so cute and convenient. You can split it in half or in quarters and get multiple uses out of it.
You have to use it with the tub empty, then you kinda crumble the bubble bar and break it apart, then use the shower head directly on it. If you have nice water pressure, it will create TONS of bubbles. The glitter with this one is almost unnoticeable so if you don’t like glitter you won’t have a problem with Rose Jam.
The smell is just incredible. It is one of my favourite smells ever, it’s so potent and it lingers on your skin after you’ve dried up. I prefer this one ten times more than the bath bombs. I also felt that my skin was a little dry afterwards but not as dry as it was when I used Think Pink bath bomb.
It retails for 5,95€, which I think is a really good deal since you can get multiple uses out of it.



The products I absolutely love are Rose Jam bubble bar and Buffy body butter. They have grat quality for a great price and I’m absolutely obsessed over these two. The one I didn’t really love was Think Pink bath bomb and Seanik solid shampoo. I feel that the crazy amount of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that their solid shampoo  contains rips the natural oils out of your hair leaving it dry and flakey. I’ll try another solid shampoo with more nutrients and moisturizing agents since this one I would say that is for oilier scalps.

If you want me to talk about LUSH’s ingredients or anything else, please, feel free to write a comment down there!
I hope you like it and found this useful!


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