Some skincare favourites

Hi! what’s up? 🙂
I’m sorry I couldn’t post earlier, I’ve been really busy lately. I won’t be able to post as regularly as I did because of work and uni. I absolutely hate the daily routine, it makes me feel moody and terribly sad so I’ll use this as a way of escaping it and focusing on the bright side 🙂 Also, I’ve finally decided that I’m going to post the same entry two times, the first one in English and the second time in Spanish. I know it will be a little bit more time-consuming, but I feel that it’s the best way for me at the moment.

In today’s post I’m going to talk a little bit about some skincare I cannot live without. As I mentioned in previous posts, my skin is combination (dry edges and very oily T-zone), so I need to look for moisturizers that control the oils and still moisturize dry skin at the same time, which is something hard to find.


I really like Ziaja, it’s a european low cost skincare brand that also has BB and CC creams. I’ve tried some of their products before and I’ll talk about them in further posts. For now, I’ll focus on some of my favorites.

The day-moisturizer I use is Ziaja’s Cucumber anti-imperfection face cream. It’s 2,99€ and the jar contains 50ml, you get a lot for the price. The key ingredients of this moisturizer are the following:

  • cucumber pulp extract
  • provitamin B5 (D-panthenol)
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin E

The cucumber helps to stabilize the function of the sebaceous glands (the ones that make your face produce natural oils) and it intensely hydrates the face. It also provides a cooling and soothing effect. It’s lightweight, it sinks into the skin easily and it also smells really really good. I really like this one, I start applying it more generously around my face and then I apply the tiniest bit on my nose and cheeks. I use it only in the mornings.

I really recommend this one for those of you with combination skin because it just hydrates and regulates the oil. It does what it claims and I’m really happy with this face cream.

The night-cream I use is Ziaja’s Sensitive firming night cream. This one is a little bit more expensive but it is still a steal. It retails for 4,99€ and the bottle contains 50ml of product. This one is formulated without silicones, mineral oils and perfume, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. It claims to increase skin hydration, eliminate redness and burning sensation, increase the elasticity and density of the skin and eliminate flakiness. These are the key ingredients:

  • antileukine 6
  • canola oil
  • ceramides
  • hyaluronic acid
  • provitamin B5 (D-panthenol)
  • squalane
  • triglycerides

‘But it has oils in it! why on Earth would you use a night-cream with oils in it if your skin is combo?’ you may ask. At night, I cleanse my skin with Lush’s Coalface solid cleanser, which leaves my skin really clean and matte, but it also feels tight and very dry. I need a lot of moisture in my face at night because if I don’t use a soothing and intensely-hydrating moisturizer, my skin’s balance gets affected, which causes the sebaceous glands in my face to produce more oils and then it’s a cycle. That’s why I love this night cream. I also notice that after using it for a long time, my skin feels more dense and firm, so I highly recommend it. It does what is says it does.

The third and last product I will be talking about is Byphasse’s  Micellar makeup remover solution for sensitive skin. This is a micellar water (makeup remover) that is very very gently on the skin but it removes makeup like a dream, even the toughest stuff. It’s also really really really inexpensive. The bottle contains 500ml and it retails for 2,99€. I mean, it doesn’t get any cheaper.

It’s a soap-free and paraben-free formula that it’s meant to be used on the eyes, face and lips. It also has a double function, it is a makeup remover as well as a toner. It leaves my skin fresh and clean after I use it but not dry or flaky. It happened to me before with Garnier’s micellar water, it left my skin really irritated and flaky.

I really like this micellar water because it’s really gentle and it works really good, and also because it’s so cheap.

I give these 3 products a 9 out of 10, you should try them out and see how they work for you 🙂
I hope you liked it and found it useful!




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