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Too Faced ‘Grande Hotel Cafe’ review & look

Hi! what’s up? 🙂 I’m sorry I haven’t post anything for a while. I’ve been busy with uni and work and I also got pharyngitis, which has made a snotty coughy mess out of me.
I always get sick by this time of the year. I hate it but I also love that the temperatures and the leaves are falling, sweather weather is here to stay!

Today I wanted to talk about Too Faced ‘Grande Hotel Cafe’. It’s a limited edition set of 3 eyeshadow palettes plus a Better Than Sex Mascara. I got this as a birthday gift last year (my birthday is just some days before christmas so that’s why I got it as a birthday present), I believe the pricepoint was quite up there. I think it was 54€ on Sephora Spain but don’t quote me on that because I’m not completely sure.

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Grande Hotel Cafe

It’s so so cute, it comes in this cute box that looks like a cafe when you open it up. It comes with 3 individual small palettes. Each palette is named after a holiday drink, they are called Gingerbread Cookie, Eggnog Latte and Peppermint Mocha. They all have a magnet to keep them closed and they have an inscription in the back that says ‘To’ ‘from’ and a space to write. Just in case you want to get the full item and then break it apart and give each palette to different people. Each one has 6 eyeshadows and a blush/bronzer. Each eyeshadow weighs 0.04oz or 1,14g, the blush/bronzer weighs 0.19oz or 5,39g.

The matte shades are a little bit chalky but they blend really well. The shimmery shadows have more of a creamy consistency and are mostly glittery with a wash of colour. I think they would work wonderfully with glitter glue.

Ah! I almost forgot! They all have a scent. For me,they smell almost identical, it’s like a candy or vanilla smell. I really like it, it reminds me of those scented baby dolls I got when I was a kid.

I’ll talk about each palette individually. Let’s begin

Eggnog latte

The first one I’ll talk about is the Eggnog Latte palette. This one comes with 2 matte eyeshadows (Frosty nog and skinny latte), 2 shimmery eyeshadows (eggnog latte and cold brew, this last one being the most glittery) and 2 metallic eyeshadows (iced coffee and central perk).

All of the colours really complement each other, you can totally create a look just using this palette and nothing else because you have a base shade like frosty nog to even out your eyelids and use as a base and then you have skinny latte, a neutral transition shade.

The pigmentation is pretty decent in almost every shade. Overall, they are very creamy and pigmented. However, when you swatch central perk it is stunning but when you try to apply it, it is quite patchy and not that pigmented. You have to really work and blend a lot to make it look good. It’s a shame because it’s one of the prettiest shadows on this palette.

The blush is really pretty. It’s a matte peachy blush that will give you a very natural flush of colour, I use this one quite often. It’s very pigmented but not crazy pigmented. I like it that way because you can layer it if you want a more intense look or just apply it sparingly to get a natural healthy colour in your cheeks.


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Here are the swatches in natural lightning



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Peppermint Mocha palette

The second one I’ll talk about is Peppermint Mocha. This one has warm pink and brown shades. It also comes with 2 matte shadows (Peppermint cream and candy cane), 2 shimmery eyeshadows (christmas blend and sprinkles) and 2 metallic shadows (peppermint mocha and coffee chip).

You can also create a look just using this palette, you got a base shadow, a transition shade and then some metallics and sparkly ones.

Now, this one is not as pigmented as the others. The difference is quite huge. You can see it down there in the swatches, they are not nearly half as pigmented as the other ones. The only shades I like from this palette are coffee chip and sprinkles. You can make all of the shades more pigmented by using fixing spray or even a drop of water on your brush, but they don’t work quite well just by themselves. You can work with them tho, but there are more pigmented options out there.

Some of the shades are just weird, like candy cane for example. Why and how would I use a white pink-ish shade like this? I’ve tried it before, it looks just a weird white shade, I don’t like that one at all.

The blush is quite good. It’s very creamy and soft and it gives you a pink flush of colour. It’s a pink with blue undertones and it’s also matte.

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Peppermint Mocha swatches in natural lighting



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The last one is Gingerbread Cookie. This one is, by far, my favourite of them 3. It’s the one I reach for almost every day , you can tell it has seen better days.

This one has more smoky shades but you can use it to create neutral subtle looks as well as dramatic night looks. It’s very versatile. It comes with 3 matte shades (ginger cream, black coffee and maple syrup), 2 glittery shades (gingersnap and winter dream) and a metallic/shimmery shade (cup of joe).

I think the shades in this one are quite beautiful and unique and work perfectly together. You have a base shade (ginger cream) and a transition shade (maple syrup) and then you have 2 dark shades such as cup of joe and black coffee to intensify the look and then gingersnap (that looks like pure gold honestly) and winter dream to add a touch of light to the eye. Winter dream and maple syrup are my favourites. Winter dream is very glittery and lavender and maple syrup is just the perfect neutral shade for the crease.

Also, the bronzer is beautiful. It’s quite warm and satin but it still works on my light skin tone. It makes you look beautiful, it’s creamy and blends really good. It’s not too pigmented tho, which I like.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Gingerbread Cookie swatches in natural light

The Better Than Sex mascara that comes with it I loved at first. I’ve used it for almost a year, I repurchased it every time I ran out of mascara. But lately, I’ve been getting sick of it. I love that it holds the curl of my lashes, it lengthens them and adds volume, but I don’t like that the formula is so dry that it starts to crumble and by the end of the day you end up with black clumps of mascara all over your face.
I love how my lashes look with it, really, they look better than ever. But I don’t like to look like a clumpy mess. Now I’m searching for another mascara that will make my lashes look cute again but without the clumpy fallout.


Overall, I think it’s a really cute collection. I think that you get what you pay for, plus the packaging is honestly so so cute. I love to have it on display. Most of the eyesadows are beautiful and work really well, and the blushes and bronzer are quite good too. The fact that you can break the whole thing apart and share it with 2 other people is also great. My overall rate for this one is 8/10.

Here’s a look I created using these palettes:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It’s pretty basic and not very well done but I still kinda like it I guess.
I hope you liked my review and found it useful! You can ask me anything about it in the comments.



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