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Tarte Cosmetics unboxing, review and look!

Hi! 🙂 How are you all doing? IT’S FINALLY OCTOBER I’M SO EXCITED. I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in so so long. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been really busy with uni and work and, on top of that, I got sick with pharyngitis and was unable to do pretty much anything. I wrote this post a few weeks ago and I’ve been slowly finishing it and now it’s finally done. I really hope you like it and find it useful!

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Today I felt like talking about Tarte. I’m so excited, I got my order some weeks ago and I’ve been playing around with all the stuff I got.
I got the Tarteist treats limited edition collection and the Graveyardgirl’s limited edition Tarteist creamy matte Lip paint in ‘Texas Toast’. I’ve been wanting to get this one ever since Bunny announced it but by that time, Tarte didn’t offer international shipping. As soon as they had this ‘free shipping weekend’ I ordered it right away, thank god it didn’t completely sell out.

The Tarteist Treats limited edition collection comes with the Tarteist ‘Pro To Go’ amazonian clay palette, a Tarteist lash paint deluxe sample mascara and a Tarteist glossy lip paint deluxe sample in wcw. It retailed for 25€, the palette alone is 23$ so I think it’s quite worth it.

First I’ll talk about my favourite item. That’s the palette.

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The actual palette size is quite small. It’s meant to be for travelling and to carry around so I appreciate that is this size. The mirror is quite big, and the overall packaging is quite sturdy and very cute. It’s soft black matte with gold details.
It comes with 6 shadows, 3 of them are matte (crisp, stylin and drive), one of them is shimmery (hype) and 2 of them are metallic duochrome (boss and dominate). Each pan in the eyeshadow palette has 0.03oz or 0.9g of product and 6 eyeshadow pans.

All of the shades work together beautifuly, you don’t need any other shade to create a complete look. Their blendability and quality are really over the top. I haven’t ever tried anything like them, they are so buttery and so pigmented. They also last for a really long time on the lid (they last through my 10 hour shifts).

But on top of all that, the smell is INCREDIBLE. It soothes me and makes me instantly calm, seriously. It smells like vanilla and candy I love it so much.

These eyeshadow colours make my eyes pop, they really complement my eye colour so well I believe. My favourite shades are crisp and boss. Here you can see some swatches:

Swatches in natural lightning
Swatches using flash

Overall, the eyeshadow quality is over the top and the shades work beautifully. I have zero complaints about this palette.


Now, I’ll talk about the two lip products. One of them is Graveyardgirl’s limited edition Tarteist lip paint in ‘Texas Toast’.

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You can see the actual swatch of the product above!

The details: It cost me 12$ (normally, the price is 19$ but it was on sale). It contains 6ml / 0.20Fl. Oz of product. It smells really minty which I love, but the smells fades eventually so it’s not a big deal if you don’t like that minty smell because it won’t last long in your lips. The texture is moussey the applicator is your stardard wand applicator (almost the exact same as the Nyx lingerie).

This was the first time I tried a liquid lipstick by Tarte. The formula is quite different from other liquid lipsticks, this one is a rather “moussey” formula. It glides smoothly and applies evenly. It’s completely matte but it’s not transfer-proof. When it fades, it fades elegantly, without doing the infamous “butthole lip” or weird stuff like that. It just fades evenly and naturally.
This one is quite drying tho, I would recommend wearing a lip primer and of course exfoliating your lips beforehand. It lasts quite a long time (I used it in 10 hour long shifts and even though it fades, it lasts intact for about 6 hours).

However, this is the perfect nude colour for me. It’s quite different from your usual nude, it’s a mauvey grey-ish nude that looks different in everyone! Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of people wear this shade and it doesn’t look like they are all wearing the same colour. I think is really special and really worth buying it. At the end of the post I’ll post some pictures of me wearing it so you can see how it looks on.

The last two items I’ll talk about are the Tarteist Lash Paint mascara and the Tarteist glossy lip paint in Wcw.

The mascara first. I was really excited to try Tarte’s mascara, all I’ve heard of them are nice things. It contains 2,5ml or 0.08fl oz (it’s a deluxe sample).

It’s my favourite mascara at the moment and I’m totally panicking because I’m already running out of it and have no backup. Honestly, you can’t beat the formula. It separates your lashes and combs them through, it coats them and makes them really black, makes them longer and holds the curl. It’s PERFECT. And it doesn’t crumble or flakes at all. It’s the best mascara I’ve ever tried, I like it even more than my Better than sex mascara. I cannot recommend it enough, specially if your eyes are sensitive, it’s formulated with natural ingredients and without irritants. I need to get a backup ASAP!!!!!!


The last item is the glossy lip paint. This one was my least favourite item. I only got it because it was part of the “tarteist treats collection”. The colour is beautiful, is a vibrant and shiny berry colour, very trendy right now.
It contains 1ml or 0.034fl oz of product (it’s a deluxe sample)

Even though it’s glossy, it’s not sticky and it holds on to your lips really well.
However, it gets everywhere if you’re not careful. It will easily stain your teeth and chin. I’m not used to wearing lip gloss really and I find this one hard to wear for that reason, but if you’re someone that’s used to deal with glosses, you’ll be fine. The colour is really really pretty. The lasting power didn’t impress me at all though, it’s just normal. What you would expect from your average lip gloss, it stays put but if you eat or drink it disappears.

Now, here you have some looks using the palette, the tarteist lip paint (Texas toast) and the tarteist lash paint! 🙂

LOOK #1 (I used the shades Drive, Crisp, Stylin and Hype)

This one was more of a subtle neutral fall look
Processed with VSCO with  preset
Eye closeup


LOOK #2 (I used the shades Drive, Crisp, Dominate and Colourpop’s Elixir)

This one is more of a “grungey” fall look




What do you think about these? Thank you so much for reading and sorry for the wait 😦 It’s very hard for me to dedicate time to write nowadays but I’ll do my best to keep posting at least once a week.

Have a nice day!




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  1. Great post! I totally understand life getting in the way and finding the time to dedicate to writing a blog post and all the things that come along with it is very difficult!

    I really love the palette. It looks perfect for travelling. Those shades are pretty much useful for any occasion! I really love the looks you created with it, too. You’re very good at eyeshadow!!

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