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My favourite liquid lipsticks at the moment

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Hello everyone! 🙂 How is it going? I finally found time to write! I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks, but  I feel like that’s how I’ve been starting all my blog posts lately. It’s true, unfortunately. However, I wanted to stop thinking about the bad stuff for a minute and focus on writing. Today I’m going to talk about my favourite liquid lipsticks at the moment. These are all nude shades except from two and they all have different finishes. Here we go!

I’ll link all the lipsticks down below in case you want to buy any of them or see their price 🙂



NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick in ‘Cashmere Silk’

2017-10-06 11.37.52 1.jpg This one I bought a week ago and I’ve been wearing it nonstop ever since. It’s a warm toned nude colour with orange and pink undertones. I often find myself going for a grungy look and this lipstick complements that look so good! Also, it’s a very flattering shade, I really like it. It’s the perfect nude for light-fair skin tones. The consistency is velvety, smooth and it lasts for a very very long time. What I don’t really like about this line of liquid lipsticks is that if you don’t apply them in a thin layer, they become waxy on your lips and they will make your lips look a bit wrinkly. The finish is very matte and velvety.



Nyx Lingerie LIPL18 in Cashmere Silk



Tart tarteist matte lip paint in ‘Texas Toast’ 

2017-10-06 11.37.51 1.jpg


I bought this one almost a month ago and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It smells minty, it has a smooth whipped consistency and it lasts for a long time. The shade is so unique, it looks different on everyone, on me it looks dusty mauve with hints of grey and pink. It’s my go to liquid lipstick. The lasting power is not as good as the Nyx Lingerie but it’s still good. It feels really comfortable and not at all waxy, even if you build it up. It’s a really pretty shade and makes my lips look fuller. The finish is a “comfortable matte” as I like to call it. It’s not as matte as the Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks but it is still matte.



Tarteist matte lip pain in Texas Toast



Colourpop ultra satin lip in ‘Strip’

This is again a warm toned nude. It has hints of orange and brown and the finish is satin and vibrant. What I mean by that is that it’s not completely matte and it’s not transfer proof. However, they last for a very long time on the lips, they are very very very comfortable to wear and they are also really pigmented. I only have to dip once in the tube in order to cover my whole lips. This one is definetely more orange than the other ones, very similar to the Lip Lingerie but definitely more orange. It really like to pair this one with a brown or orange neutral eye look. Looks beautiful.

Colourpop ultra satin lip in Strip



Colourpop ultra satin lip in ‘Barracuda’

This is a nice terracotta red shade with hints of brown. I find this one very flattering and nice. It has the same finish as “Strip” and it’s also really really pigmented. I use this one for those times when I want to wear a bold lip but in a regular day. For example, when I feel like I want to wear a red lip but don’t want to be concerned about lipstick on my teeth or lipstick bleeding down my chin. These don’t move and even though they are not transfer proof, they last for a really long time, they’re even tough to remove. This shade is very very flattering, I recommend this one a lot. This was part of the Colourpop “out and about” liquid lipstick bundle.

Colourpop ultra satin lip in Barracuda (sorry about the wonky swatch)




Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipstick in ‘Viper’

This shade is my most favourite of all. I love purple, it’s my favourite colour, but I’ve always been afraid of wearing a purple lipstick. This one has the perfect amount of neon pink and purple, it’s absolutely perfect. I love to pair this shade with a rosy eye look, it looks stunning. The finish is absolutely matte and transfer proof. It’s velvety matte but if you don’t hydrate and exfoliate your lips, it can look bad and drying. Also, I wouldn’t recommend pressing your lips too hard with these since little pieces of the colour can come off if you do that. Besides that, it’s a perfect lipstick. So so pigmented and comfortable to wear. I love it so much. This one was also part of the ‘Out and about’ liquid lipstick bundle by Colourpop.

Colourpop ultra matte lip in Viper




Here you have the arm swatches and the links!

Colourpop ‘Out and About’ Liquid Lipstick Bundle

Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in ‘Strip’

I can’t find the link to the Tarte Texas Toast lip paint 😦 Since it was a limited edition, they must have deleted the product from their website. Sorry!

Nyx Cosmetics Lip Lingerie in ‘Cashmere Silk’
Well, I hope you liked my post and found it useful! I really wanted to share with you all my favourite liquid lipsticks at the moment.

Have a nice day 🙂



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